About Us

Here at the OCS we are comic book fans and have been in the hobby most of our lives.

We love our local comic shop or LCS for short and encourage you to get into them as often as you can either to just enagage with the hobby by rummaging in back issues or talking to the great people in stores.

However if like us these trips are few and far between due to distance, busy lives or just none in your location.

This is where The Online Comic Shop can help.

  • Who We Are

    Honestly we are just collectors trying to fill out our runs. The Online Comic Shop is an extension of our hobby. A way to engage and give back to other collectors

  • Collect However You Want

    No matter if you rather A-covers or variants, single issues or collected editions.

    The Online Comic Store just wants to give you the ability to browse easily & get you directly to what ever you collect.

  • How We Can Help

    We put in a lot of our time tagging & cataloguing comics so you can search your favourite characters.

    Filter comics by publisher or flick through titles issue by issue.